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Weight Loss Through Hypnosis – Why does it beat dieting everytime?

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Being overweight is the bane of many people’s lives.  It can cause depression, lack of motivation, and many physical ailments with long lasting effects. Most people have tried every new fad diet they can find before even considering hypnosis.  The name hypnosis itself causes unknown fear in some, which is solely due to lack of knowledge of the beautifully simple magic of suggestion. 

Hypnosis, very simply, makes the person relax completely and allows the subconscious to accept all suggestions that are given out by the hypnotist.

Hypnosis is the least strenuous way to lose weight and helps get rid of the binge eating habit that dooms so many ‘dieters’.  It aids in losing weight without starvation, basically reducing the cravings for food that are born out of the subconscious mind.   Cravings for food may have manifested in a person due to several reasons, such as boredom, depression, anger, worry and several others. 

I’ll endeavor to explain in layman’s terms the exact process that goes on when people use hypnosis to lose weight.  This whole hypnosis process depends on the person who is being hypnotized.  Before entering the hypnotic state, the person needs to set a goal mentally what it is that he or she wants to achieve from this.  Hypnosis is just a deep form of relaxation, and this mindset is used as a wonderful tool that helps to follow along with the set goal and accept the weight loss suggestions given verbally.  These suggestions are very subtle and alter the subconscious mind to be able to perceive the steps that need to be taken to lose weight.  The frame of mind will be corrected to taking the required action to lose the amount of weight needed for reaching the goal.

The hypnotist will suggest to the hypnotized person that he/she will lose weight by eating less of the bad things and for the wrong reasons and eating more of the good things that help the metabolism and only when the body actually needs the food.  The main aspect is to make sure the person being hypnotized feels good about the changes being suggested.  Suggestions by the hypnotist follow some strict guidelines so that they effective and safe. The human subconscious mind is very simple and accepts positive suggestions very easily.

For the purpose of hypnosis to lose weight, suggestions are plain, simple and positive, for the welfare of the person concerned. The combination of setting goals and using hypnosis is what enables weight loss without any dieting.

Losing weight also gives a person more energy.  This energy can be diverted to building muscle by exercising.  Losing weight without exercising does not give a toned look to the body.  The saying ‘use it or lose it’ makes a lot of sense when talking about the human body and a good exercise regimen keeps the body healthy.

It’s time to get rid of that age-old fat and realize that the benefits of hypnosis are vast and without any side effects whatsoever, when compared to the various other treatments and medicines available in the market claiming to be miraculous for weight loss.  The bottom line is that to lose weight you must change your mind, and hypnosis is clearly the most effective way to do so. Start today with your weight loss hypnosis cds or mp3s and you will be on your way to weight loss success!

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