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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

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Smoking is a very bad habit to begin with. Taking this into mind should be enough to make smokers to start reconsidering their health and the long term of effects of smoking. The bad thing about smokers who have been doing it for quite a lot of time is that they have developed smoking as a habit. In cases such as these, people don’t even need a reason to continue smoking because it has already become a regular part of their lives. And sometimes when certain actions become habits, especially bad ones, a person sometimes becomes numb of even considering the consequences of their actions. Smoking never leads to anything good, and in the worst possible case, can lead to severe damage on your lungs and respiratory system.
Some people might say that they turn to smoking because it relaxes them. This is a fact, which may be attributed to the calming effects of nicotine. The problem is that nicotine is very highly addictive. This is also the reason why so many people can’t help but continue smoking even when they become aware that it is wrong. People who have been smoking for a long time experience a very insatiable craving for it once starved. It is quite advisable for people who suffer from this craving to seek the assistance and guidance of medical professionals as well as the people close to him/her, in order to overcome his/her addiction. Some people may claim that hypnosis is the perfect solution for it, but the truth is there’s no such thing as a hypnosis, which makes people do things they don’t agree with. In line with this, for hypnosis to work, the person undergoing it must be willing to change. Hypnosis, in this context, is simply a manipulation of a person’s mind by using his past experiences or by giving him/her certain details to recreate a situation wherein the mind can relax. This simply is the main objective of hypnosis, the relaxation of the mind. When a person’s mind is relaxed, he/she becomes more receptive of actions that otherwise would have felt too difficult to accomplish.

In the case of smoking, one has to first of all, consider why he/she does it. The most common reason of all is also relaxation. By using hypnosis, or undergoing hypnotherapy, one is also able to achieve this same state of mind without the harmful side effects. Even the effects of nicotine itself may even be numbed if a person has a positive state of mind. When a person is basically in a good mood, all endeavors become a lot less stressful. To develop the discipline to fight the craving for nicotine, a person needs to focus on its bad effects and keep in mind that smoking is and will always be dangerous for his/her health. With this in mind, and a positive attitude towards life, a person’s energy and focus may be shifted to more useful things, and in effect makes life twice as rewarding by eliminating a bad habit, and also developing a good one.

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