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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

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Smoking is a very bad habit to begin with. Taking this into mind should be enough to make smokers to start reconsidering their health and the long term of effects of smoking. The bad thing about smokers who have been doing it for quite a lot of time is that they have developed smoking as a habit. In cases such as these, people don’t even need a reason to continue smoking because it has already become a regular part of their lives. And sometimes when certain actions become habits, especially bad ones, a person sometimes becomes numb of even considering the consequences of their actions. Smoking never leads to anything good, and in the worst possible case, can lead to severe damage on your lungs and respiratory system.
Some people might say that they turn to smoking because it relaxes them. This is a fact, which may be attributed to the calming effects of nicotine. The problem is that nicotine is very highly addictive. This is also the reason why so many people can’t help but continue smoking even when they become aware that it is wrong. People who have been smoking for a long time experience a very insatiable craving for it once starved. It is quite advisable for people who suffer from this craving to seek the assistance and guidance of medical professionals as well as the people close to him/her, in order to overcome his/her addiction. Some people may claim that hypnosis is the perfect solution for it, but the truth is there’s no such thing as a hypnosis, which makes people do things they don’t agree with. In line with this, for hypnosis to work, the person undergoing it must be willing to change. Hypnosis, in this context, is simply a manipulation of a person’s mind by using his past experiences or by giving him/her certain details to recreate a situation wherein the mind can relax. This simply is the main objective of hypnosis, the relaxation of the mind. When a person’s mind is relaxed, he/she becomes more receptive of actions that otherwise would have felt too difficult to accomplish.

In the case of smoking, one has to first of all, consider why he/she does it. The most common reason of all is also relaxation. By using hypnosis, or undergoing hypnotherapy, one is also able to achieve this same state of mind without the harmful side effects. Even the effects of nicotine itself may even be numbed if a person has a positive state of mind. When a person is basically in a good mood, all endeavors become a lot less stressful. To develop the discipline to fight the craving for nicotine, a person needs to focus on its bad effects and keep in mind that smoking is and will always be dangerous for his/her health. With this in mind, and a positive attitude towards life, a person’s energy and focus may be shifted to more useful things, and in effect makes life twice as rewarding by eliminating a bad habit, and also developing a good one.

Hypnosis to Lose Weight

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It’s natural for people to want to be beautiful. Many people have always tried to look their best by trying to lose weight when they become out of shape. This is natural indeed but so many people have failed in this endeavor simply because they can’t commit to the goal and make the necessary measures to accomplish it. One might think that accomplishing it simply is too difficult, but seeing something as an impossible goal simply hinders a person’s ability to even pursue it. Based on this principle, any endeavor is within a person’s reach if he/she is able to come up with the motivation for it. This is proven on the fact that lazy people find it hard to accomplish certain duties if there’s still a lot of time allotted for it, and yet complete these same tasks in so little time when he/she really needs to.
With the use of hypnosis, the motivation for doing these tasks becomes your driving force in working towards your goals. When we speak of hypnosis, think not of a shiny medal swung to and fro, which causes people to suddenly be unaware and unconscious of what they do. The hypnosis mentioned here simply manipulates a person’s state of mind by using his imagination. When a person imagines things, especially pleasant memories, he/she becomes more at ease with himself/herself, and becomes more optimistic in everything he/she does. This is one aspect that supports the use of hypnosis in the treatment of bad habits. Having bad habits is the main reason why people can’t work up the right to attitude. By developing better-rounded habits, a person becomes equipped with the motivation and openness to face any undertaking.

In the case of losing weight, for example, a person has to learn how to be patient first of all. The process of losing weight permanently is a very tedious process. People who don’t possess the right attitude and discipline will never be able to maintain the right habits or, in general the right tools to accomplish a long-term goal. If a person learns to be patient, he then becomes capable of learning other things that are essential to his goal. A person uses his/her patience to find what’s wrong with his/her current lifestyle. In the case of weight loss, possible reasons may be bad dietary habits, frequent exposure to stress, and other possibilities.

By using his/her actual habits as basis, he/she may compare these with the ones that are ideal in achieving physical fitness. He/she may then be able to plan the changes he/she needs to make. The practicality of using what’s available requires even more work, but is necessary if you are to make things work without too much hassle. Doing so will also deepen your understanding of the principles of staying healthy. The hardest part of accomplishing these goals is sticking to the plan you have made. It is quite difficult to break old habits, which is why regular motivation is necessary to change the status quo. When the mind is fooled into feeling comfortable as opposed to its instinctive repulsive nature, new habits will eventually replace old ones, and before you know it, these new habits will already have become a regular part of you.

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis – Why does it beat dieting everytime?

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Being overweight is the bane of many people’s lives.  It can cause depression, lack of motivation, and many physical ailments with long lasting effects. Most people have tried every new fad diet they can find before even considering hypnosis.  The name hypnosis itself causes unknown fear in some, which is solely due to lack of knowledge of the beautifully simple magic of suggestion. 

Hypnosis, very simply, makes the person relax completely and allows the subconscious to accept all suggestions that are given out by the hypnotist.

Hypnosis is the least strenuous way to lose weight and helps get rid of the binge eating habit that dooms so many ‘dieters’.  It aids in losing weight without starvation, basically reducing the cravings for food that are born out of the subconscious mind.   Cravings for food may have manifested in a person due to several reasons, such as boredom, depression, anger, worry and several others. 

I’ll endeavor to explain in layman’s terms the exact process that goes on when people use hypnosis to lose weight.  This whole hypnosis process depends on the person who is being hypnotized.  Before entering the hypnotic state, the person needs to set a goal mentally what it is that he or she wants to achieve from this.  Hypnosis is just a deep form of relaxation, and this mindset is used as a wonderful tool that helps to follow along with the set goal and accept the weight loss suggestions given verbally.  These suggestions are very subtle and alter the subconscious mind to be able to perceive the steps that need to be taken to lose weight.  The frame of mind will be corrected to taking the required action to lose the amount of weight needed for reaching the goal.

The hypnotist will suggest to the hypnotized person that he/she will lose weight by eating less of the bad things and for the wrong reasons and eating more of the good things that help the metabolism and only when the body actually needs the food.  The main aspect is to make sure the person being hypnotized feels good about the changes being suggested.  Suggestions by the hypnotist follow some strict guidelines so that they effective and safe. The human subconscious mind is very simple and accepts positive suggestions very easily.

For the purpose of hypnosis to lose weight, suggestions are plain, simple and positive, for the welfare of the person concerned. The combination of setting goals and using hypnosis is what enables weight loss without any dieting.

Losing weight also gives a person more energy.  This energy can be diverted to building muscle by exercising.  Losing weight without exercising does not give a toned look to the body.  The saying ‘use it or lose it’ makes a lot of sense when talking about the human body and a good exercise regimen keeps the body healthy.

It’s time to get rid of that age-old fat and realize that the benefits of hypnosis are vast and without any side effects whatsoever, when compared to the various other treatments and medicines available in the market claiming to be miraculous for weight loss.  The bottom line is that to lose weight you must change your mind, and hypnosis is clearly the most effective way to do so. Start today with your weight loss hypnosis cds or mp3s and you will be on your way to weight loss success!

Hypnosis: How Can it Help You Change?

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Nobody is perfect. As such, we all have certain parts of ourselves that we would like to change or that we would like to improve upon. Yet, finding a way to make these improvements can be difficult or can even seem impossible. With the help of self-hypnosis, however, you can successfully make those changes.

What Self Hypnosis Can Do for You


There are a number of psychological and physical issues that you can address through the help of self-hypnosis. Some of these include:


  • Overcoming addictions, quit smoking, compulsive overeating, and gambling.
  • Deal with psychological and emotional disorders such as depression and post traumatic syndromes without needing to take medication.
  • Assisting with pain reduction and decreasing recovery time after surgery or when suffering from an illness.
  • Overcoming your fears and phobias, such as fear of spiders or fear of heights.
  • Improve your learning capabilities by increasing your focus and attention span.
  • Help your body to relax, even in stressful situations.
  • Increase your chances of conception when trying to have a child.


It is truly amazing to think that self hypnosis can do so much, but the mind is truly a powerful and remarkable tool. By learning how to harness its power and put it to proper use, you can successfully overcome nearly anything that is thrown your way.


Getting Started with Self Hypnosis


In order to get started with self hypnosis and to give yourself the best chance of using it successfully, it is best to obtain the services of a professional hypnotherapist. With the help of a licensed hypnotherapist, you can learn the proper techniques for entering a hypnotic state as well as how to use self hypnosis to help you in your life.


Unfortunately, finding licensed hynotherapists that practice in a location near to you can be somewhat difficult. Therefore, you might have some problems with finding one that you can see on a personal and one-on-one basis. In addition, working one-on-one with a hypnotherapist may be too costly for you to afford. If this is the case, you might want to purchase a CD or a download that teaches self hypnosis techniques.


When purchasing a self hypnosis CD or download, be sure to only buy those that have been developed by a professionally licensed hypnotherapist. Unfortunately, there are many businesses out there that sell these products without having a true understanding of what self hypnosis is or how a person can successfully use this powerful tool. This only results in frustration and the mistaken determination that self hypnosis “doesn’t work.”


In order to make sure you perform self hypnosis in the proper manner, you will need to read all of the materials that come with your download or CD. Also, listen carefully to the audio to make sure you are following the proper technique. If you are able to work directly with a hypnotherapist, you will know for sure whether or not you are performing the self hypnosis correctly and you will be able to ask questions when necessary. At the same time, learning at home is more convenient for most people. Therefore, you will have to determine which path is best suited for your lifestyle and for your learning style.


Exploring the Self-Hypnosis Journey


If you decide to download self hypnosis information off of the Internet or are purchasing self hypnosis CDs, you will need to find a comfortable and private place in your home in which you can perform the hypnosis. If you are seeing a professional hypnotherapist, he or she will provide you with a comfortable location. For most people, the best place to perform self hypnosis is on a chair, a couch, or even on the bed. Some also prefer to find a comfortable bench or chair outside.


Wherever you decide to perform the self hypnosis, your goal is to try to clear your mind. You cannot force your mind to clear, however, as this will actually cause the thoughts in your mind to become louder. Rather, acknowledge those thoughts and then allow them to slip away. You will find that you will be able to clear your mind more quickly the more times you perform self hypnosis.


To help with relaxing your body, you should begin by visualizing the tension in your toes and then letting it fall away. Then, move up your body and repeat the same process with each body part. It is also important for you to take slow, deep breaths as you go through this process. Each time you exhale, you should imagine that the tension is leaving your body. When you inhale, you are brining in life and energey.


With the help of a self-hypnosis CD or the calming voice of a hypnotherapist in person, you can be guided through this process until your entire body is relaxed. Once you have reached this relaxed state, you will imagine that you are at the top of a set of ten stairs. Get a clear image of the stairs in your mind and then picture your self walking down the stairs as you count backwards from ten. Visualize each number in your mind and feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed with each step. When you reach the bottom, imagine that you feel relaxed and happy.


Eliciting Change with Self Hypnosis

Now that you are at the bottom of the stairs and feeling completely relaxed, you are ready to address your concerns. By speaking in the present tense and in a positive manner, you can begin to send messages to your mind.


Avoid focusing on the negative and where you are now. Rather, focus on where you will be but speak as if it is already true. For example, rather than saying “I will no longer have shoulder pain,” you will say, “My shoulders feel wonderful.” Rather than say, “I will lose weight,” you will say, “I am slim and strong.”

Be sure to select your statement before beginning the self hypnosis process. Once you reach that relaxed state, repeat the phrase as many times as you like. Then, go back up the stairs in the same way you went down in order to return to normal consciousness. Be sure to give yourself a few moments before you open your eyes and get up. By routinely engaging in this process, you will be able to concur nearly anything that life throws your way!



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